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Henry W Taunt: author

Reproduced by permission of Oxfordshire County CouncilHenry Taunt had boundless curiosity and, although he left school at about the age of 10, he spent the rest of his life finding things out and writing things down. He wrote for pleasure and also for profit, passing on his enthusiasm and widening the market for his photographs. He published over 50 titles, many of which ran to several editions, and he planned lots more which never got beyond typed or hand-written drafts. The River Thames, local history, architecture, customs, comets - all sorts of subjects interested him. Illustrated books and pamphlets poured from his Oxford works and, for a time, he even published a promotional newsletter!

Many of Taunt's publlications may be consulted at the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies.

(Story author: Dr Malcolm Graham, Head of Oxfordshire Studies, Oxfordshire County Council)

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