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Conditions for the supply of photographs from Oxfordshire County Council

  1. Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) as the Oxfordshire Photographic Archive (OPA) reserves the right to refuse an order on conservation or other grounds. Photographic copies will only be provided if the applicant signs the declaration below and agrees to comply with any requirements which the OPA may impose.

  2. Photographs supplied by the OPA may only be used for the purposes of private research or study unless further consents or permissions are obtained in accordance with these conditions. If the applicant wishes to use the photographs for any other purpose, a further agreement must be entered into with the OPA and the necessary fees paid. Copyright in the photographic copies supplied by the OPA is retained for 70 years.

  3. Copyright and Publication Right in photographs supplied by the OPA, but not under licence, are reserved by the OCC. The applicant will acknowledge OCC's ownership of copyright in photographs which it supplies and the copyright in the materials photographed and will do nothing which will prejudice either copyright.

  4. Copyright and Publication Right in photographs supplied under licence by the OPA are reserved by the relevant copyright holder. Should publication or other forms of reproduction or public display ever be considered, the applicant must obtain the permission of the copyright holder.

Copyright Declaration

This must be signed by the person making the request; a stamped or typewritten signature, or the signature of an agent,
is not acceptable.

To the Head of the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies, Central Library, Westgate, Oxford OX1 1DJ:

  1. Please supply me with a copy or copies of the item specified overleaf, required by me for the purpose of research or private study. If I wish to use the copy or copies for any other purpose, I understand that I must obtain written permission from the Oxfordshire Photographic Archive. In the case of licensed images, I undertake to obtain written permission from the copyright holder.

  2. I agree to be bound by the above conditions.

  3. I agree to pay the fees currently set by Oxfordshire County Council.

  4. I declare that:

    (a) I will not use the copy except for private research or study, and I will not supply a copy of it to any other person nor allow anyone else to take a copy, put them on public display, publish or use them in any kind of commercial enterprise, without written permission from the Oxfordshire Photographic Archive.

    (b) I will not transfer this material into a digital electronic form without prior permission.

    (c) (In the case of unpublished materials) to the best of my knowledge the materials have not been published before they were placed in the Oxfordshire Photographic Archive and the copyright holder has not prohibited the copying of the materials.

  5. I understand that if I infringe this declaration I will be liable for infringement of copyright.